Weeki Wachee is so much fun and I mean after 2 successful trips I’m pretty much a Weeki expert, right?

Let me share a few tips that’ll make you an expert too 😉


1 . Make a reservation!

I recommend Kayak Shack.

Call as soon as you know when you want to go and reserve your kayak, canoe and/or paddle board because they sell out all the time.

2. The earlier the better.

Make your reservation for an early time.

The total trip is 5.5 miles and you are going to want to stop for swimming and snack/lunch breaks. You also want to just relax and have fun – not rush and worry about getting to Kayak Shack before they close down.

It will take anywhere from 3-5 hours to get from the drop off back to Kayak Shack depending on what you decide to do along the way.

Just follow the signs that say Rogers Park. The signs will let you know how many more miles you have to go.


3. Leave your keys at the shack on their hanging clips.

You do not want to lose your keys on the river!

4. In some areas the current can seem strong for a non-swimmer so if you are not a strong swimmer, stay in your kayak or wear a life vest.

5. Bring everything with you that you need – snorkel gear, sunblock, snacks, water, camera, etc.

I put it all in an aquapac to keep it from getting wet.

My camera of choice? GoPro of course!

6. Beware of banana spiders in the branches towards the edges of the river.

I also wouldn’t grab on to any of those branches. Could be poison ivy!

7. Be mindful of other swimmers, kayakers and boats.

For the safety of the swimmers, kayakers and wildlife boats should be banned all together.


I can’t end this post without asking that if you see any wildlife that you please just LET THEM BE. Do not disturb them, throw things at them, yell or scream at them, feed them, touch them, etc. Just leave them alone. Please.

Another ask – PLEASE DON’T LITTER – at Weeki or EVER. Protect our beautiful earth! Thank you 🙂

If you head out to Weeki – let me know what you think in the comments below. Would love to hear about your experience!




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