There is seriously no reason why you should be buying everything at full retail price. Yes there are times when you just have to bite the bullet because you don’t have time to wait for a sale or because it’s something that never goes on sale. But I can tell you that whether it’s food, clothes or flights – you can almost always find a way to get some sort of a deal and save yourself some money.

Here are my favorite online shopping tools –

Ebates – After you’ve signed up for an account all you have to do to earn cash back is go through the Ebates site every time you go to make a purchase on Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom or any of the other cash back store that Ebates is affiliated with. It really is that simple.

So you go on Ebates, you find the store you want to shop on, you click on the link to that store from the Ebates site, you shop on that site, and then Ebates sends you a check. The % of cash back varies all the time but it really does start to add up and you are getting cash for doing nothing really!

If you add the Ebates browser button to your Google Chrome it will shoot an alert at you and all you have to do to activate Ebates is hit the activate button on that alert.

With the browser button you know that Ebates is active because it has a green square around it.

If you need help just email me at and I can send you more info and a link that will get you all setup.


PriceBlink – Add the PriceBlink browser button to your Google Chrome and when you are shopping a message bar with price comparisons and product reviews will pop up. It will even tell you if there are coupons available for you from the site that you are shopping on.


Honey – Add the Honey browser button to your Google Chrome. The tool will then pop up as soon as you hit the checkout button on the site you are shopping on. What it does is it tells you how many promo codes you can try on your shopping site and if you hit the try codes button it will run all of the promo codes for you. If one hits, it’ll save it for you and there you go. You have a promo code applied to your purchase at the click of a button.


RetailMeNot – RMN is for the promo code lovers. You can search for codes by product or store and there are so many. Site is really easy to use.

Email (coupon codes, offers and sales) – Sign up for the newsletter for your favorite online shopping stores to stay in the know about when their sales are, what their current offers are and for coupon codes that they only provide to their email subscribers.

A lot of stores have anniversary sales that they announce in their emails – like Nordstrom right now 🙂

The best way to find out about Black Friday deals and Holiday shopping events is also email.



Now that you know how to save money it’s totally ok to hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 🙂



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