I love watching YouTube videos. I am subscribed to the most random channels because I watch based on my moods. Some days I want to watch cats surf and play with dogs and other days I want to watch videos on how to use natural products to clean my toilet. I know you are dying for me to share my randomness so let’s get into this….

Here are my current YouTube favs –

9to5Mac – I love my Apple products and this channel keeps me in the know on updates for my current products but also on upcoming products. Yes, I’m that person counting down the days until the next iPhone is released. Don’t judge me!

Bloguettes – This one is an obvious fav, right? If you’re a blogger this one is a total no brainer. Tons of awesome tips and tricks. Highly recommend.

CaseyNeistat – Who doesn’t love Casey? He’s so fun to watch! I can’t get enough of his daily vlogs. Get ready to get addicted! Once you subscribe there’s just no going back.

CATMANTOO – Where are my animal lovers??? This channel has a ton of really cool cat training videos but I have to admit that my favorite videos are ones like this one –

Clean My Space – I like my house clean and I am trying to transition from all of those bad for you chemical cleaners to the good stuff (borax, baking soda, dawn soap, alcohol, vinegar) so I watch and pin almost every video from this channel.

Rich Roll – I’m sure you read my recent post on my podcast favs where I talked about how awesome Rich Roll is but if you haven’t read that yet – hop on over there now and as soon as you’re done subscribe to his channel. You’ll have zero regrets.

Gary Vaynerchuk – If you are looking for serious social media tips – Gary Vee is your guy.

I posted about Gary Vee too in that podcast favs post.

Thrive Market – I have never shopped on because I just can’t justify the cost of the subscription to shop on their site but I do love their YouTube channel. Their are health, wellness and how-to videos but they recipe videos are my favorite.

TiVaTV – This was a discovery that I made while in PR a few months ago. It is an AWESOME channel where you can find videos mental health, wellness, positivity and sooo much more.

Just a heads up though – all of the videos are in Spanish.

Mailoha Albaladejo – SHAMELESS PLUG! Of course I have to add my channel to favs list, right??? I will be building it up in the next few months so feel free to hop on over to my channel now and subscribe to get updates on new videos 🙂



So what are some of your favs? Leave them in the comments below. I can’t ever have enough!



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