After many food adventures I finally have my list of go-to places in Zephyrhills.

Let’s do this!

King’s Wok – I was never a big Chinese takeout person but after discovering this place I find myself craving it here and there. My go-to is the General Tsao’s combo. I always get it with the white rice. So good!


Hong Kong Restaurant – If you want a second option for Chinese – here you have it.


Publix – This is your place for the days when all you want is just a really good sub. I always get ham and provolone (or swiss) on wheat and then I go crazy with the toppings – cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, green peppers, extra onions, light mayo, light mustard, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. And if you’re in a hurry, you can order online!


Best Thai Sushi – Yes, there’s sushi and Thai in ZH. I couldn’t believe it either. This place is pretty good and worth checking out if driving to Tampa for Sushi Alive isn’t an option.


Happy Cow – When I want a little something sweet this is where I go. Go with chocolate and tart and then of course go crazy with the toppings!

Hungry Howies, Little Caesars, Capri – Pizza options for you because we all have those nights when we just want PIZZA! Hungry Howies and Little Caesars are more “fast food” and Capri is “New York style” (pic below).


If you are in ZH or have ever been you know how hard it is to find good food spots so if you have any other recommendations leave them in the comments below.




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