Florida has so many beautiful rivers and springs. I’ve only been to Rainbow River, Genie Springs and Weeki Wachee but I have so many others on my list. Yes – another list lol

I wrote all about my recent Weeki trip here – Weeki Wachee. You should check it out. A post on Genie Springs is coming soon.

With Rainbow River I have this serious love hate relationship because getting in for tubing is a pain in the butt! Let me explain what our day was like today –

We left Tampa a little before 8 so we got to Rainbow River in Dunnellon around 10. By that time the park entrance for tubing was already closed because it was full. Once the parking lot is full the park closes until parking spaces open up and they don’t let you wait at the park entrance to see when a space opens up. You also can’t park on the street to wait. So what we did is we left and went to the K.P. Hole where we did some swimming, some grilling and some hanging out. The parking at the K.P. Hole is free and the entrance fee is only $2 a person.

After hanging out at the K.P. Hole for a few hours we decided to give the tubing another shot. FAIL! We got there at 3 and there was an insane number of cars and a cop at the gate just turning everyone away.

What do I recommend you do? Either go to the K.P. Hole and spend the day there and forget about even trying to go tubing or just go to another river or spring!

You can find more info on Rainbow here – http://www.therainbowriver.com/tubing.html.


And if this does happen to you – just leave, head back to Tampa and do what we did – have a bowl of Pho at Pho An Hoa Restaurant lol



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