You already know how much I love food exploring and how REAL the cravings get over here. So today’s mission was to check out this hole in the wall (because that’s almost always where the delicious food is) and to of course grab some dessert after.

This place – Soul of Korea – somehow ended up on my list (me and my lists!) but I’m so glad that it did. We had the bibimbob and the pajeon (korean pancake). I recommend both! Those 2 dishes for 2 people were just enough and the price for it all was awesome.



We left room for dessert over course and headed over to bobacup for a little something sweet. We were super disappointed that they didn’t have the egg waffles on their menu but that totally didn’t stop us. I recommend the crepe with the nutella, bananas and strawberries. What I didn’t do that you should do and that I will definitely do next time is get ice cream too because what’s a crepe without ice cream right?



Have you discovered any new places recently??? Share in the comments below please 🙂


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