I love a day of nothing but trying new places and just food exploring. Seeing new menus and trying new foods may excite me – just a little.

First stop was Bartaco. We ordered 1 of every taco they had, the shrimp banh mi bowl and the corn – of course. We also tried the grapefruit ginger agua fresca – which I’m going to need them to send me the recipe of because it was super gingery and I LOVE ginger.

The oyster taco, the corn and the fresca were my favorite!





If you know me you already know that dessert came next.

We stopped at the Cotton Candy Palace first. Yes, I paid $4 for a cup of cotton candy but it was coconut cotton candy ok?! I also blame my partner in crime – Genia. She convinced me that I really needed this cotton candy in my life 🙂


Well we didn’t quite stop there. We made just one more stop at Sprinkles because I had never had a Sprinkles cupcake before and I just had to do it.

The shop itself was really cute. They had a nice little seating area. I ended up going with the dark chocolate cupcake and I thought the cupcake itself was okay. I hear the cupcake ice cream sandwich is the way to go. Oops.



You have to tell me if you’ve been to Sprinkles and if I totally missed out on that cupcake ice cream sandwich!


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