Pizza cravings are not all created equal. Sometimes I want my “fast food” pizza like Hungry Howie’s. Other times I want New York style. Other times coal fired or wood fired. My point is that this isn’t a one pizza fits all situation here.

I can report that I was able to fulfill my wood fired pizza craving at a new pizza spot – new to me anyway, I think they have been in Tampa for some time now.

Fabrica is located on Channelside and I know you are already thinking about how much of pain parking must be. There is a garage with reserved parking for you 🙂

fabricapizza - outside - lifewithmailoha-blog

fabricapizza - lifewithmailoha-blog

The coolest thing about Fabrica is that there is a make your own option that’s very “Chipotle style”. You pick your base and toppings and in the oven it goes. I picked the rossa base and added provolone, mozzarella, garlic, roasted peppers, mushrooms and eggplant.

fabricapizza - lifewithmailoha - blog

fabrica-pizza - lifewithmailoha-blog

fabricapizza - oven - lifewithmailoha-blog

The wait for the pizza wasn’t long at all – by the time I was done scrolling through my Instagram feed it was ready to go 🙂 

fabricapizza - pizza - lifewithmailoha-blog

The restaurant was also really clean and the customer service was great.

You guessed it – I’ll be back for more!


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  1. Kedesh Ortiz says:

    Must be good pizza!

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