A friend of mine came across Revolution Ice Cream on Yelp and of course she told me about it and in less than a week there I was. Food exploring.

As soon as I walked in I loved the feel of the place and how fun all of the decor was.

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revolutionicecream -lifewithmailoha-blog

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And then there was the menu – Mint Want Cookies, The Best Dang Vanilla, Matt’s Fatty Rolls.

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revolutionicecream -sundaes- lifewithmailoha-blog

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Of course I had to go with Chocolate Shock because who doesn’t want chocolate ice cream with brownies and chocolate chips?? And then in a waffle cone. #drool

revolutionicecream4 -lifewithmailoha-blog
I do have to admit that I wish my Chocolate Shock had more brownie bits and chocolate chips in it but maybe the other flavors are tastier? Have you been to Revolution? What did you think?

Revolution Ice Cream is located at 220 W. Brandon Blvd in Brandon. You can find more information here.


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