This isn’t really a “haul” because it’s only a couple of things but I couldn’t go without sharing these with you.

After watching Plastic Paradise on Netflix I’ve really been trying to buy glass instead of plastic as much as possible. I needed a bottle for the water that I use for restyling my hair so I did some research online and found these really cool ones from Amazon. They are really awesome quality. Highly recommend.


I had also been looking for a portable battery charger that would charge my phone more than once or twice. I read some great reviews on the Mophie Powerstations so I decided to get one. Yes, I went a little crazy and got the one that’ll charge my phone 8 times but I’m going to Canada soon and I know it’ll really come in handy.


More on Canada coming soon 🙂 I plan on doing posts on what I’ll be packing and what I plan on doing there. Let me know if those are posts that you would be interested in and if there are others that I can do that would find interesting and helpful.


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