We finally got a Trader Joe’s in Tampa last year – about time right?

Not only does Trader Joe’s have tasty high quality low priced store brand items they also turn into a pumpkin EVERYTHING place in the fall.

I grabbed a few goodies from Trader Joe’s today so I thought I would do a quick share of what I got.

For healthy snacking I grabbed some figs, bananas, peaches and dried mango slices (so hooked on those things). The grapefruit, peaches and bananas are also awesome for smoothies and smoothie/acai bowls.

The lemons are for dressings, water, other morning concoctions and everything really.


I love adding cilantro to rice and to so many other things.

The mint is awesome in water, lemonade and again my crazy morning concoctions – which I really should do a post on soon.


The coconut oil spray is a PAM replacement.

The honey and soy sauce I use for a ton of different recipes.

The cayenne is again for my crazy morning drinks.


The chocolate is because well, I love chocolate. I’ve had the chocolate covered almonds before but never the chocolate covered ginger. I love ginger and I love chocolate so they have to be good, right?


I always love trying new things so tell me – what are some of your Trader Joe’s favorites?

Trader Joe’s is located at 3808 W Swann Ave. in Tampa. You can find more information here.




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