Haul time! I needed to re-stock on some things and wanted to try some new things so let’s just get right to it shall we??

I love trying out new products and recently ran out of my deodorant so I decided to try this Crystal brand that I’ve been hearing awesome things about. They are an all natural brand and you know I’m all about that life! I got the stick and roll ons.



I use grapefruit essential oil for a ton of things but I bought this one specifically for one of my morning concoctions – I promise I’ll do a post soon on all of my morning madness!


I re-stocked on my Acidophilus and Bifidum tablets because I originally got a bottle of these and was taking them once a day and wondering why they weren’t working. Then I found out I need to be taking 3 a day. So this bottle is to give these another shot.


The aloe is for a morning drink that I am testing out. I’m going to add 3 caps of the aloe to a cup of cold water and drink this first thing in the morning.


The MCT oil is for another test drink. I’m going to buy some Inner Eco Coconut Water this week and mix the oil with the coconut water.


The Acidophilus and Bifidum tablets, aloe and MCT oil are all supposed to help keep things flowing – if you know what I mean. Yes, I totally went there. This blog and community that we are building here is about being real, raw and honest about EVERYTHING so if we need to talk about keeping things flowing then hey we talk about it!

Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂







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