Did somebody say bowls? Even better – veggie rice bowls? Yesssss!

Have you ever been to Genghis? If you have – you get me. If you haven’t – let me take a second to explain. They give you a bowl and you go to a buffet line and grab all your goods – veggies, protein, sauce, and seasonings. After you have stacked everything as high as you possibly could you take it to be prepared for you. When it’s all ready they throw it all over your side of choice – I always go with rice but they have noodles, pasta and others you can choose from.

Genghis Grill was one of the birthday perks that I was able to enjoy – read more on those perks here – so don’t forget to sign up for their emails. They are good at not spamming you.

Genghis Grill is located at 910 Providence Rd in Brandon. You can find more information here.



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