If you are looking for the best sweet potato chips around – go to Cootie Brown’s NOW. Don’t get the small side of them. You will regret that immediately. Get the large and thank me later.

Today I had the BBQ Veggie Burger with a side of brussels sprouts and shared the large sweet potato chips with co-workers. The brussels were a mistake. Sharing the chips? 2nd mistake. Get the veggie burger but get it with a large side of those delicious sweet potatoes.



You also have to also try their strawberry cake which I passed on and later heard is the best strawberry cake ever. I was obviously off my food game today.

If you are even in town and do try that strawberry cake and it’s as delicious as people say it is, grab an extra slice for me 🙂

Cootie Brown’s is located at 118 Volunteer Pkwy in Bristol. You can find their menu and more information here.


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