My favorite podcaster – Rich Roll of course – mentioned Before the Flood and I pretty much listen to, read and watch EVERYTHING he recommends. A tad obsessed with him – I know 🙂 Anyway, add this film to the top of your list.


The film is about climate change and all of the challenges that we face but also about what can be done about this mess that we are in. It’s a truly inspiring film that will really push you to understand that we CAN make a difference. Each of us individually can do things each and every day to make this world that we live in a better place. Don’t ever think that something is too small to make a difference. Going meatless on Mondays, using recyclable grocery bags, or even just shutting the water off while you brush your teeth. This will make a difference. If you are already doing these things, keep it up. If you aren’t, consider them. Please 🙂

If you watch the film please let me know what you think.


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