Sauna Benefits

I have always loved a good sauna session after my workouts. Not only is it super relaxing and makes me feel like I’m sneaking off to a 20 minute spa day but there are some awesome benefits.

  • Relaxation because it relaxes your muscles and therefore makes you feel relaxed and can help with stress.
  • Pain relief caused by sore muscles after a workout because it increases circulation.
  • Improved circulation because it gets your blood flowing.

I do it most for the relaxation and pain relief -especially when I’m training for a race or putting in some serious time at the gym and want quicker recovery times in between workouts.

I usually do 20-30 minutes at the traditional sauna at my LA Fitness gym. It’s included in my membership so I love it. If you don’t have a sauna at your gym just do a quick google search for saunas in your areas. Most likely you will find them at other gyms or spas. You could also do a search on Groupon or Living Social and grab a deal.

Remember to always do your own research and do what works best for you. Everything in this post is just what I’ve learned from my own research 🙂

If you know of other benefits feel free to leave them below.


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