LWM Food Finds: Rhythm Superfoods

If you’ve never had roasted kale – WHY??? Anything that’s good for me AND tastes good just doesn’t stand a chance at my house. Yes I’m getting better about reading and understanding labels. Yes I understand that most products are not single serving. Yes I should get better about that self control thing but hey, they are kale chips. Eating the whole thing in 1 sitting all to myself isn’t THAT bad 😉

Kale is so good for you. Kale has ZERO fat, is high in iron, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A. It’s also high in fiber. Hello #fab4 🙂

I also love that kale goes with so many things and is easy to incorporate. Just throw it in your smoothies in the morning, add it to your lunch as a side salad or snack on it throughout the day – that’s been my favorite way lately so I’m loving this crunchy roasted kale by Rhythm Superfoods – especially because they are COVERED in garlic and onion! Their kale chips are also super good.

Are you a kale fan?? What are your favorite ways to get your greens in?



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