LWM Food Finds: Lee Roy Selmon’s

Yep – vegetarian and talking about a steak house today. Insert emoji of girl shrugging her shoulders here 😉

I get so many questions about what I do when salads are the only meatless option on a menu and I just don’t feel like eating a salad. Or even worst, when you walk up to a work event and the meal is buffet style and they have ZERO meatless option – which was the case here. Either way my answer is always the same – be open minded and flexible.

As soon as I walked in to Lee Roy Selmon’s for our work event and saw the buffet line (buffalo chicken dip, chicken tenders, pulled pork sliders) I knew I couldn’t make any of that work for me. So I walked over to one of the servers and asked NICELY if she had any meatless options I could choose from. Whatever you do – don’t walk up to anyone making demands and acting entitled. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The server offered so many options to me. She literally just said – take a look at our menu and let us know if anything on there will work for you. I ended up ordering some of their sides (broccoli, sweet potato fries and corn casserole) and while I waited she even brought over this super yummy wrap that had veggies in it with balsamic dressing drizzled over it. So good!

Don’t be afraid to also ask for a meat dish to be modified for you. Most places will make it work for you and if they can’t – just pick something else – like side dishes or a salad.

What are your favorite ways to “make it work” at meat heavy restaurants?


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