LWM Food Finds: Organic Living Superfoods

Never thought I could love almonds more than I already did – until I got my hands on THESE! I mean let’s be real – anything pizza flavored has to be good right? Ok maybe not EVERYTHING but guys – these are so good. You should’ve seen my co-workers’ faces when I shared (yes, I shared) these with them. They had the most surprised looks on their faces because they really do taste like pizza.

This brand has been one I’ve just been loving on lately during snack time because their products are organic, GF, raw and vegan. They are also about the #gogreen! You guys know that’s my weakness! They are all about sustainable, organic, and fair-trade farms and vendors around the world.

I love their ingredients and they use sprouted nuts which I’m sure you’ve seen sprouted EVERYTHING all over social media. I’m no expert so do your own research but from what I’ve learned of the benefits of sprouted nuts, they are easier to digest and when foods are easier to digest your body better absorbs the nutrients of those foods. Win win.

Some of my favorites from this brand besides the pizza almonds are their coconut fig squares and their crunch time snacks. On my list to try are their dried fruits and chocolates #duh They also have a huge list of powders and seeds which would be awesome for adding to smoothies and other drinks.

If you have some favs from this brand or just want to share more on the benefits of sprouted foods please share in comments below.


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