LWM Food Finds: Smashmallow

They had me at toasted coconut pineapple! Yes – marshmallows topped with toasted coconut AND pineapple on top – & on the bottom 😉

I’ve also tried the mint chocolate chip and churro flavor. If I had to pick a favorite – mint chocolate chip because they did NOT skimp on the chips and you know me and chocolate sorta have a thing 😉

Making your s’mores dreams come true right?? And to top it off – I just went on their site and now they have these deliciousness that they’re calling Smash Crispy. A rice krispy treat in that delicious mint chocolate chip flavor?? #drool It also looks like they have them in the churro and strawberry flavor.

By the way – they use organic ingredients and they are GF. This is super important because not sure if you know this but most marshmallow brands toss a TON of junk in there. Read your labels.

So what do you think guys? Do I need these rice krispy treats in my life?? I think I do! What flavor would you get them in?





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