LWM Food Finds: Vegan Rob’s

Before we get into this colorful bag full of plant based deliciousness – yes, I did it. I got my birks and I love them! They were sold out everywhere in this color and style so to get the sizing I went to Nordstrom, tried them on in a different size and then went home and ordered them from the Birkens’ site. If you’re thinking about getting a pair – do it. So worth it!

Ok back to what you really care about – the cheese puffs. I discovered these recently because even though I’m not vegan, I love to explore vegan options. I also just love snacks. So I wanted to try these out and they’re a total win. The asparagus ones were also really good!

I was browsing their site and they have some really interesting flavors – beet puffs, spinach chips, brussel sprout puffs and moringa puffs. I’m going to have to get my hands on those brussel sprout puffs!

What flavor would you want to try??


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