LWM Restaurant Finds: BurgerFi

Guess what BurgerFi has on their menu now??? Beyond Meat! I was so excited to finally try them – I also needed an excuse to go have a BurgerFi shake 😉

Ok let me back up for a second because I know some of you may not know why I’m excited about this or even what Beyond Meat burgers even are.

Beyond Meat makes vegan burgers that are perfect for anyone that’s cutting back on their meat intake (meatless Monday folks), for vegetarians or for vegans. They are 100% plant based, no soy, no GMOs, no gluten and 20G of protein.

After trying them I have to tell you that they really do have a meat-like texture. Funny thing for me is – I’m a vegetarian that does NOT miss meat at all so I wasn’t crazy about that part. I’m honestly most excited about this for those that do miss meat and that maybe crave it at times. I’m more of a Hilary’s Eat Well or Sweet Earth Foods type a girl. I like the more earthy burgers as you can see below (Sweet Earth with Pereg quinoa).

Again, I wanted to share this because I think that there a lot of people out there that want to go the meat-less life route but don’t know where to start. This is where.

BTW – I’ve also seen them at Whole Foods if you want to make them at home yourself 🙂

I recommend you guys check these out and if you do let me know what you think.



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