Coconut Cult Breakfast Parfait Recipe

This morning I made this super easy parfait and I just wanted to share with you how to make it because it was 1. super tasty, 2. surprisingly filling, and 3. loaded with tons of healthy goods. Oh and you can make it in 2 minutes.

I layered everything up in a glass cup but use what you have. You could throw it all in a bowl and it would taste just as good 😉

The bottom layer is Activia mixed berry yogurt. I sprinkled over it a layer of chia seeds. Salba Chia are my favorite right now. They are organic and the brand is just always good vibes. On top of the seeds I added Coconut Cult. The Original flavor is my go-to but I also just bought a jar of the Mango cream. Can’t wait to try it! On the very top I added more chia seeds and granola. For the granola right now I have been sticking with Purely Elizabeth because you would be surprised at how many granola bags are nothing BUT sugar. I was shocked when I started comparing labels. So much for being good for you, right?

You could also top it off with nut butter, fruit, flax seeds, and anything else you have around.

Let me know if you try this super easy parfait out. Would love to know what you come up with!


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