LWM Food Finds: Beanitos

Who said sandwiches have to be boring? They seriously DON’T have to be. Today I whipped one up with some onions, tomato, lettuce, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, mayo, mustard and EVOO all on some fitness bread. Yes, I said fitness bread. It sounds weird, I know but I saw it all over the internet so of course I couldn’t help myself. I ran to Vitacost and got me some. I could’ve also ordered it from Amazon but I had a 20% off coupon at Vitacost 😉

So back to the bread – the name throws you off and the expiration date makes you think it has really weird things in it because it doesn’t expire for like 10 years but the ingredients are what I love. It’s high in fiber and doesn’t have a bunch of junk/fillers in it.

Let’s also talk about what I paired that sandwich with – Beanitos. Another ingredient love. They are made of navy beans and you would seriously never guess it. They are so good. I also really love their bean chips with guac, salsa or even crumbled over a hot soup. Yum!

So tell me – what are your favs in your sandwiches and on the side of them?

This is not a sponsored post! Just sharing the goodness 🙂


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