LWM Works Out: The Bar Method

Another day another workout. Your girl loves her fitness classes so when The Bar Method invited me over I was soooo in. Here’s a review from a first timer…..


Awesome! They are close to a ton of restaurants for the girls that want to go from their workout to their FOOD. Here’s their exact address – 4102 W Boy Scout Blvd. Suite 1, Tampa, FL.

Parking situation

Another reason why I love their location – tons of parking.

Class schedule

Tons of options – AM and PM, weekdays and weekends. They are open 7 days a week.



Could I figure out where the lockers were to put all of the stuff that I didn’t need that I should’ve just left in my car?

Yes – I may or may not have also run over to the sink when I saw that they had an EO deodorant spray out to use. I totally bathed in it. Love that stuff!


Yep – 2 to be exact.

What did I even need?

Your body, some socks and agua. They give you the rest.

You can even borrow socks if you forgot yours or buy some from their little shop where they have socks, water bottles, and other gear.

Getting set up

Easy easy. We almost always started with 2 sets of dumbbells and then used a ball and mats later that were easy to grab.

Percent of time I knew what was going on as a first timer

75% – when I was lost I totally just copied whoever was closest to me at the time.

Was it difficult?

No – you also go at your own pace so it’s up to you to really challenge yourself. The instructors are there to push you but it’s ultimately always up to you to DO THE WORK.

Did I sweat?

Yes – not the “I’m dripping sweat” kind of sweat but definitely had a bit of sweat going

Could I have worked out harder?

You can always work harder but I gave it my best and every class pushed myself more than the last 🙂

Will I be sore later?

Heck yeah! I had the #barmethodshakes BAD!

Read more about the shakes here – https://barmethod.com/bar-method-shake/

Length of class

45 minutes – 1 hour


So on point! I wish I could’ve shazamed it all.

They did tell me that Bar Method corporate has a playlist on Spotify that is regularly updated to include many of the songs on the class playlists.

Was it intimidating?

No – nobody’s yelling in your face haha


Totally. All of the girls were catching up before class and then making plans for their next class after.

Some of the girls even helped me out on my first day and tugged at me to get my form right. I was all about it!

Were there guys in the class too?

I took 5 classes total. Saw 2 guys in my last class.

Were the instructors experienced?

Super. The Community Engagement Manager (also an Instructor and a super sweet soul) explained that the instructors go through an extensive training program lasting about 6 months. In addition to a 5-7 day intensive training with a National Coach/Trainer, they meet weekly with Studio Training Manager and Owner until they are certified. In order to achieve certification, instructors must pass an anatomy exam, a final manual exam, and send in a video of them teaching a full class. To prepare for a certification video, instructors teach free community classes for about 4-6 weeks. Each year instructors are required to take an annual exam to keep their certification. In addition,  every other month Corporate sends new technique notes, any new exercises, comments from the physical therapist, etc.

So yeah – they know what they are doing.

My favorite instructor

My girl Mo!

Do they offer bundles? What’s the best deal/package?

They do! Find more info here – https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/main_shop.asp

In my opinion – if you’re going to go often the unlimited pass is the best deal.

I want more info – where can I find them?

Here’s their site – https://barmethod.com/locations/tampa-westshore/

Final verdict

I dig it. The chics are cool and I felt like I got a good workout every time. I will be back for more!

If you check them out let me know what you think! Are there other places in town that I should check out next?




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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Love this post! So informative! I usually go to Studio Barre but I believe we have The Bar Method here in San Diego too, I’ll have to check them out!

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