Livin’ on the Veg Tour at Sprouts

When Sprouts asked if I’d come by for a Livin’ on the Veg Tour I obviously said YES! You want to show me around and have me over for tons of delicious food? YES YES YES!

First stop of the tour was all about the dips. We tried Almond Dip with Chia and Hemp Seeds, Sprouts Artichoke Spinach Hummus and Better Bean Uncanny Refried Black Beans. You guys already know I love Better Bean because it’s just so good as a dip, in tacos, for breakfast with eggs…..just put it on alllllll the things. The spinach hummus and almond dip were also really good. That spinach hummus with some roasted veggies and sauerkraut in a bowl – oh man!

Then we walked by the produce and I’ve always just loved the market feel of it. The vibe is very different from other local stores. I love it! I also love the selection and how fresh their produce always is.

In all of the times that I had been to Sprouts I had somehow always missed their prepped veggie section so I’m glad we made a stop there. We all need prepped veggies in our lives every now and then. I even like to mix it up sometimes and have the cauliflower and broccoli rice together.

We ended the tour with so many tasty sweets. We tried the So Delicious: Frozen Sandwiches Mini Coconut which were basically your traditional ice cream sandwiches but better. You would never know that they were dairy-free! Next up were the Sprouts Non-dairy Mochi Bites. We tried the strawberry and chocolate and the chocolate ones were definitely my favorite! And of course we saved the best for last and ended with lots of Bard Valley: Natural Delights Almond Date Rolls. Obsessed is an understatement.

I had such an awesome time on the tour and will of course continue to shop at Sprouts. I love what they carry but also the store itself – the awesome location and all of the parking available definitely make it a convenient place to shop for me.

Do you shop at Sprouts? Tell me all of your favorite things so that I can pick them up on my next visit! 🙂


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